Specialist Cutting, Colouring & Styling essential for Extensions
– What you need to know.

At Honeycomb Malvern Hair salon. we believe it is important to employ a specialist who is trained to cut and colour extensions. They require special treatment and techniques that general hairdressers are not trained in.

Cut – You have to cut extensions differently from normal hair. General hairdressers are trained to cut hair that is evenly weighted and distributed. Whereas hair extensions require different techniques. Some problems can arise if the cutter is not an extension specialist – general hairdressers often cut hair too short so that you can get steps in your hair or it may end up looking like a wig. Also, if the natural hair has grown out and the weft has dropped an uneven line can occur. For many reasons, it is better to have your cut and colour done by the extensionist who installed your hair – they understand your scalp and hair growth patterns. This can lead to a client having to live with the mistake or new hair may be required.

Colour – Extensions have special colour requirements. Often general hairdressers can burn the extension hair because they are not aware of the sensitivities of the hair to particular kinds of colour.
Styling – There are also special requirements and “No No’s” when it comes to styling extension hair. Without this knowledge hair can be damaged or burned. Correct products need to be assigned to particular hair extension types.



1/4 Head from$80
1/2 Head from$130
3/4 Head from$160
Full Head from$220

Scalp Lightener Regrowth

Scalp Bleach + Toner $190
Scalp Bleach $160


Short $25
Medium $30
Long $40


Regrowth $90
Short from$100
Medium from$120
Long from$150
Extra Long from$190
Tint + Foils from$170

Natural Hair

without extensions

Blow Dry Styling

Short $50
Medium $60
Long $70


Short $70
Medium $80
Long $90

Extended Hair

with extensions

Blow Dry Style

Short $60
Medium $70
Long $80
Extra Long $90
Post-Colour $65
Dry-Offs $15
Bridal Style $160
Formal Style $20

Ladies Cuts

Short $80
Medium $90
Long $100
Extra Long $120


Treatment $40
Treatment + Masque $50
Chronologiste Caviar Cream Treatment $65

Mens Cuts

Regular Trim $70
Clippers $40

Session Styling / Photo Shoot / Filming:

Modelling portfolio: Some of our clients require us to put together different hair extension combinations on the day of their photo shoots. This can be arranged via a telephone consultation (photo provided by phone or email) and booking secured by payment in advance.

Modelling agencies group bookings: We provide a similar service with a wide range of hair extensions to agencies where models require a variety of looks and options. We are extremely creative, efficient and work flexibly to brief. We can provide a large range of hair extension wefts, colours and lengths (Long, Short, Blonde, caramels, Dark browns, Chocolate browns, Blacks or reds.) 100% human hair ready to be styled on set or can be pre done by order/payment.

Wedding / Special Occasions:

Honeycombe provides Wedding Packages that include a range of hair, make up and tanning services for Brides, Bridesmaids and family. These include services such as Bridal Trials prior to the wedding, by consultation, to ensure your best look on this important day. We also offer a premium mobile service to attend you on the day.

Brides requiring hair extensions would need to have them installed at least a week prior to the wedding day. However, the consultation and order would need to be placed one month in advance to ensure the correct hair is ordered. Six months would be preferable to improve the health of your own hair, correct the cut or colour and grow it to the length required to best work with your extensions.

Privacy – Public Figures:

Some of our clients are public figures who prefer to have their hair attended to in private settings. This can be arranged by appointment.

Celebrity & Session Styling – please inquire about premium salon services at separate price list additional costs of travel & time etc.

We would love to hear from you so please contact us to discuss your individual needs or book a consultation