Extension Installation & re-installation

The installation and follow up installations of customised hair wefts is so important in maintaining hair condition and the life of the hair. Your extensionist, Alison, has 20 years’ experience in cutting, colouring and the specialised experience in customised weft making to suit the individual needs of her clients. Alison has extensive knowledge of scalp and hair conditions and in the analysis of hair types. She is meticulous in matching hair and installing it in such a way as to make it comfortable for clients to handle, condition and style.

Due to Alison’s unique skill set – as a cut, colour & extensions specialist – she is able to give exceptional advice in each of these areas in a one-stop salon. It is important to follow up with reinstallation of hair every 5-7 weeks (depending on your hair growth patterns). If you leave the reinstallation longer, the spine grows down and creates more wear and tear on the weft and your own hair. Also the hair can knot and dread at the base or snap if not secure. If the hair is not secure it will add weight to your natural hair and create pressure and the hair can begin to shed from the head. Regular reinstallation will prevent this damage and hair loss.

Weft Installation Prices

Row Count Est. Time Price
One row: 30 min $90
Two rows: 1 hour $180
2.5 rows: 1h 15m $230
Three rows: 1h 30m $260
Four rows: 2 hours $300

Alison has over 20 years’ experience as a cutter, colourist, extensions and is extremely knowledgeable in hair and scalp conditions. She is a specialist custom weft maker and is at the cutting edge of new styles and technologies.

Important: It might be tempting to go to another less experienced and therefore cheaper extensionist to have your reinstallation’s done. However, you should be aware that they probably charge less because they do an inferior job. Clients have experienced damage to natural hair, bald spots, breakage of wefts, tightness, discomfort, and wefts growing out too quickly. Often cheaper extensionists use less beads and install in half the recommended time but you have to go back more often (weeks earlier). It is important not to damage your scalp or hair and avoid inferior or untrained operators. Sometimes inferior or inexperienced practitioners can drop the beads too low so they grow out faster, angle beads so they dig into the head causing pain and headaches, break weft spines, cut handmade wefts, damage fine hair, create bald spots, damage hair follicles, matt or dread natural hair around the wefts. Inexperienced colourists can overprocess weft hair and cutters can cut hair incorrectly causing steps or they cut hair too short. For extensions the person cutting must understand that the weight distribution is different to normal hair. Blow drying in blowout bars or salons sometimes use cheap products at the basin which dehydrate and strip hair of condition and shine. This makes the hair brittle leading to snapping (shortens life of hair).