Miss Alison, words can’t describe how you have made me feel with my fabulous new locks. The last 2 years have been the hardest years of my life whilst battling cancer and going through very traumatic chemo treatment. Between a bald head, shedding on my pillow and short hair it was devastating every time I looked in the mirror.

I first met Alison during my consultation regarding hair extensions. I was unsure if my hair was even long enough to hide the extensions. I am a hairdresser myself and owned my own salons for many years so I knew I wanted good hair that blended 100% with my own hair. I wanted the Russian hair as it was the best quality , closest to my natural curl, longest lasting and easiest to manage. During the consultation I told Alison the issues I was having with my scalp (another side effect of chemo – psoriasis – dry, itchy skin condition that caused flaking). I was worried that hair extensions would irritate it further. Alison recommended a scalp care treatment and a 3 month hair growth program. In the first week my scalp had cleared up. No more flaking and dandruff. It soothed and cooled my scalp.

Within the second week, my hair had stopped shedding. Usually I would wake up with my pillow covered in my shorter dark hairs covering my white pillow slip. This was quite distressing for me as I would pull out the sticky roller used to pick up fluff off clothes to pick up the called hairs it was that bad! But what a relief!

My extensions fitted perfectly. The colour and natural curl Alison chose matched my hair perfectly. I now visit the salon every week for my blow wave. It’s beautiful and soft and I am so happy.

Miss Alison, what can I say … you are amazing and so talented and beautiful inside and out. I feel myself again. You have turned that around for me honey and made me look like myself again. I don’t see sickness any more.

I am so very grateful and thankful that I have met you and wish you so much health , love and success . You’re a star ! Love Love Love my hair 😘

Hairdresser & former salon owner

You all know I do love long and thick hair, whilst my hair is long, being blonde it is not a thick as I would like, i love very thick hair! That’s why I have been working closely with Alison from Honeycombe Hair Extensions who has helped create extra length and volume for my overall look.

I can always rely on Alison to do an outstanding job. She is a genuine specialist who sources great hair and custom makes wefts for her clients. READ MORE

Model & fashion blogger

I came to Allison with very damaged, very short hair and I was desperate to get some hair confidence back for the summer. My hair was so short and ruined, i didn’t even know if hair extensions would help me. Allison worked her magic and within a few hours i had long thick hair again!

The installation process caused no damage to my own hair which was my main concern. They sat flat to my head and were very easy to style and look after. Allison also helped me get my own hair back to a healthy condition and eventually go back to the lighter colours I loved.

After 2 years I got my wefts taken out and my hair was the healthiest it has ever been. I now just show up to my appointments and tell her to do whatever she wants, she is so great with colours and styles and just knows what works best. I am so thankful for her help and knowledge, I am over the moon to have healthy blonde hair again! I will never go anywhere else 🙂

Love Ruby

Ruby Provan

I am happy to provide testament to the level of professionalism, expertise and quality of care received through Honeycombe Hair Extensions.

I first Met Alison Verdock in April 2015 when I needed a hair style for a formal event. My hair is very fine and I also had scalp issues with patches of non hair growth and a lot of agro. With Alison’s expertise and guidance, I have been able to achieve a very healthy scalp and hair that has not been this healthy for many years.

I purchased Russian extensions from Alison and I have been extremely happy with them; they look so natural and are easy to maintain. With Alison’s continued advice and expertise, the extensions have never been recognised as extensions by friends or strangers and have given me a confidence that I never realised was possible.

I waited until I was nearly 50 to get the hair I always dreamed of – if you are considering Russian extensions, don’t hesitate; the experience and knowledge that Alison has, makes it easy to do. Alison has been able to colour match to perfection and she is a very good ‘cutter’, giving my hair a lovely style that has been absent previously.

I can say with confidence that Alison and Honeycombe Hair Extensions has a client for life with me. I would never consider going to another hairdresser in a million years. Alison is always prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty, having worked back on a Saturday evening to finish my hair for an event. I find Alison very accommodating and a genuinely decent business operator and human being.

I have now become a woman that looks forward to going to the hairdresser – thanks to Alison. I can’t recommend Alison and Honeycombe Hair Extensions highly enough! Kindest regards,

Lynda White
Licensed Estate Agent

I have had the greatest of pleasure having Alison style my hair over the past 5 years. I came across Alison and her deluxe hair extensions when I was looking for ‘The best of the best’ and that it was I certainly got with her and her hair. Alison’s hair extensions are always of premium quality and so beautiful and natural looking which I absolutely loved!! So much so I have invested in many types of hair extensions over the years and LOVE my little hair collection that I now have. I can change my hair to suit every occasion and mood.

It was always crucial for me to have beautiful hair which was quite difficult when I was filming my TV show out in the elements. Alison absolutely gave me fresh, new, modern and stunning hair style for every TV show and photo shoot that I have done. A particular favourite was for the WHO magazine shoot and more recently ‘The Love Shack TV’. My hair was an absolute heart stopper!! Thank you Alison, I literally do LOVE YOUR WORK!!

Natasha Ferré
Actress, TV host and producer

Hi Alison

Just a quick email to tell you how much I love my new extensions…..I would like to say a big thank you to Alison for your amazing work, the knowledge you have with regards to hair health is priceless.

I came to Alison after a disaster of an experience from a previous hairdresser. I had gone into a salon, return appointment, to find a new stylist would be doing my hair that day, what I was soon to realise though was that she was not actually fully qualified and my hair (and its health) was about to be left soli in her hands as she was closing the salon alone that day….after an error with refreshing my blonde, my hair turned orange, the only solution she could offer was to take me brunette, I had no choice as I could not leave the salon orange and had work early the next morning, but the damage by that point I was to realise when I got home had already been done, my hair was so broken and damaged and all my trust in any hairstylist now gone….but then almost a year later I sheepishly went to see Alison, with hope but very nervous as was to be expected, the rest as they say is history…

From the moment I stepped in your salon I knew I was in good hands, from the very first step with the consultation being so detailed (the extensions made specifically to fit ME) all the way through to the actual fitting of the handmade virgin Russian wefts. I was surprised at how easy the hair is to manage on a day to day basis, infact I would say my natural hair is by far harder to manage (and I have fine hair!) which was such a pleasant surprise. The hair is weightless, flawless and so easy to manage. I am constantly complimented on how beautiful my hair is….noone would even guess my secret! Also placement and precision taken when fitting the wefts makes such a big difference in the way they sit…

I couldn’t live without my gorgeous hair extensions and I want to thank Alison for giving me back my confidence, I look forward to many years ahead of happy, healthy hair thanks to Alison


Linda Inserra
Business Consultant

Thank you so much Alison for my hair extensions. I have always wanted long, thick beautiful hair but never got extension as I don’t like to spend too much time on my hair and didn’t want it to look like I had extensions in. I ended up hearing about Alison through a friend of mine and thought I would bite the bullet and get them put in, It was the best decision I have ever made. They are very low maintenance and look like my natural hair. No-one believes I have extensions in as the quality is so good and Alison matches the colour perfecting, styling is also so simple. I will never go back” Pam, Port Melbourne xx

Pamela Hawthorn
Personal Assistant / Office Manager

Thank you so much for my new hair, I absolutely love it. I was nervous before I met you as I have heard horror stories about ‘bad extensions’, however I couldn’t be more delighted. The colour matches perfectly, it is easy to maintain, completely comfortable to wear and it looks so natural. I was filled with confidence upon the first consultation; the process of taking a sample of my hair and finding the ‘right piece’ for me – it shows your professionalism and attention to detail and it’s clear your an expert in the field. I love the new styles I can now wear having longer hair; it was never going to grow on its own and this is by far the best way around that little problem!

Emmy Bryce

After a bad experience at a different Salon about a month ago, I desperately needed my hair to be fixed. I had been to a second hairdresser who advised me that my hair was too badly damaged for them to do anything. That’s when I found Alison. After a consultation the following week I was all booked in. Excited but nervous, I didn’t know what to expect because of the condition of my hair. Alison instantly made me feel comfortable and took away any fears I had. I am beyond ecstatic with my hair. Alison exceeded what I thought was possible and I have never felt more confident. Not only was the end result more than I could have hoped for but the whole experience in itself was so relaxing, refreshing and just what I needed. I have been receiving constant compliments on the gorgeous colour and transformation. I will definitely be a lifetime client to Alison at Honeycombe Hair Extensions and will recommend her to everyone I can. I can’t Thankyou enough x


I have worn, tried and tested most types of Hair extension methods available and without hesitation, I would highly recommend the technique that Alison uses. I have worn this method for over eight years without any damage to my hair at all. It is, in my opinion by far the most natural and easy to mange hair extension available. The workmanship, expertise, care and talent that Alison has continued to show me over the years firmly highlights the gift she has, her passion in what she does along with her dedication to her clients.



I am 56 years old and my hair was dry, limp and thinning for years of colouring until I came across hair extensions. Since wearing them, my confidence has come back. They feel natural and look beautiful and the compliments keep on coming thanks to Alison’s brilliant ability and professional know how


Larna Gull

I have been a client of Alison’s for over 7 years now, I had extensions for 2 years prior to finding Alison. I have tried, Asian, Indian and European hair until Alison introduced me to her exquisite Russian Virgin hair. Most hair only lasted anywhere from 8 weeks to several months however Alison’s hair lasted me over 4 years before needing new extensions. I am so happy with my hair extensions, I could never live without them! I have had major Melbourne hair stylists to many celebrities comment on the craftsmanship of the wefts and unbelievable quality of the hair. I have always found Alison to be so warm, friendly and above all dedicated to ensuring my hair looks amazing every time I leave the salon! Thank you Alison!

Larna Gull
Owner La Cam Catering

Alison Verdonck , is one of the best hairdresser I have come across in the hairdressing industry. I have been in the hairdressing industry for more than 28 yrs and have come across many hairdressers. Alison’s knowledge and expertise is extensive, as she is a true perfection which shows in her work. I highly recommended Alison, in all aspects of hairdressing , she is an amazing colourist, stylist and hair extension specialist . Alison’s knowledge and expertise in Hair Extensions is the best in the industry as is the Brazilian hair extensions that she uses.

Anna Manatakis

Unfortunately I’m not one of those girls that was born with long, thick, luxurious locks – and it’s something I’ve lived with for 30 years. For years I’ve envied the hair of others, tried a myriad of different hair styles and colours, bought every hair thickening, root boosting product available and cursed my genes for not blessing me with Victoria’s Secret model hair. After researching hair extensions for years, and always avoiding them due to the fact I believed they looked cheap and nasty, I came across Alison’s Honeycombe hair extensions – and I’ve never looked back. I came to Alison after a particularly short hair cut that I was wearing tied back every day because I hated it, and she talked me through the options for my hair. After the consultation I knew I was in good hands, and decided to go ahead with extensions. Alison certainly knows her stuff, and the day I got my extensions put in I couldn’t have been happier! The wefts were a perfect match to my hair colour and I felt like a new woman. I’ve received countless compliments on my hair, without people ever realizing they’re not my natural hair. I wear my hair out (and proud!) most days and styling is kept to a minimum. I exercise quite frequently but the quality of the hair and Alison’s care in fitting the wefts means this is not a problem, I can wear my hair up and get sweaty in the gym and it still looks great when I’m done. The investment in Honeycombe hair extensions has definitely been worth it and I would recommend to any woman – life is too short not to enjoy great hair!

Sarah Harris
Business Development Manager