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Date: Sept 2015
Title: “LET’S TALK ABOUT HAIR: feat Honeycombe Hair Extensions”
Author: Jessie

Hair is so important.

It is a reflection of our identity; it is both personal and public.

Just like your eyebrows shape your eyes and face, Having amazing hair, either short or long, does make an unbelievable difference to your overall look!

You all know I do love long and thick hair, whilst my hair is long, being blonde it is not a thick as I would like, i love very thick hair!

That’s why I have been working closely with Alison from Honeycombe Hair Extensions who has helped create extra length and volume for my overall look.

For anyone wanting hair extensions for the first time it is so important to choose a qualified extensionist who has a hairdressing background. Too many times I see women with nasty hair extensions hanging out of their hair. I can always rely on Alison to do an outstanding job.

She is a genuine specialist who sources great hair and custom makes wefts for her clients. Alison takes the time to test and understand your individual hair – scalp, strength of hair, growth patterns and many other things which are important in order to avoid damage to your scalp and hair. Being an experienced hairdresser, she knows exactly how to distribute the extension weight to make sure you feel comfortable. This is important because you don’t want headaches or to damage your natural hair.

Magazine: “Images”
Issue: August/September 2012, page 38 & 39.
Title: “Unadulterated”

Magazine: “Images”
Issue: Aug/Sept 2012, pages 28 to 31.

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