Accredited Kérastase Partner

Honeycombe exclusively uses Kérastase products due to their consistency in producing outstanding results for our clients’ hair and scalps. Kerastase have been innovators and pioneers in hair-care worldwide for over 50 years and set the standard in luxury hair-care.

Honeycombe staff are accredited and qualified to formulate and tailor Kérastase programs to maximise our clients’ results. Kérastase products contain powerful active ingredients and high-tech molecular complexes to provide lavish textures, elegant fragrances and advanced formulas that enhance the natural beauty of your hair.

Personalised Luxury Experience

When you visit us you’ll have a premium luxury experience with dedicated personalised haircare service.

Our mission is to provide you with the ultimate professional haircare to transform and enhance the natural beauty of your hair using Kérastase Paris superior quality products.

In this exclusive environment, you will experience our sophisticated hair and scalp analysis, customised care and be pampered with the very best premium hair products.

We invite you to be immersed in this unique experience of care, relaxation and wellbeing.

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Program Testimonials

Multi-faceted consultation and diagnosis

The first step towards beautiful hair is a healthy scalp. As with our complexion, the condition of our scalp can be affected by environment, seasonable and other factors, such as stress.

We use a special diagnostic camera to magnify images of the hair and scalp by 600 times to assess its health and provide personalised care and advice. We offer programs designed to treat and prevent common scalp-related issues, including sensitivity, oiliness, dandruff and hair loss.

We offer two levels of diagnosis for personalise care. Our complimentary 5 minute consultations are available when you visit the salon for any service and identify your needs and desires in terms of hair treatments and styling. During our 30 minute in-depth consultation, we analysis and discuss program options specific to your needs and formulate a personalised care routine for a healthy hair and scalp.

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